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Shinshu Soba

My husband's senior Sasaki-san sent us some 'hand made' soba a few days ago. Sasaki-san currently lives in Nagano-ken and he's waiting for his working permit/ visa from the American Embassy. Once the visa is approved, Sasaki-san said that he'll be going over to the states to start a soba restaurant. The restaurant will be easily found (I guess) as Sasaki-san told me that it will be located at the street where there are many other Japanese Restaurant (he can't recall the name of the street though).


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今日の昼すぎに大学時代からの台湾人の友人からムスメへのプレゼントとお手紙が届いた!!とっても素敵なピンク系のロンパスとサマーに着られるワンピース:) ありがとうYちゃん。


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今年も例年通り、Nile Cruise に行ってきたの。この絵葉書は家に届いてるものですよ。なんかステキだね。


by aliesalee | 2006-03-24 21:39 | 家族

Back from another brief walk

Ena and I went out for a walk for about 30 mins just now. She wasn't in her best mood, but tried to enjoy the 'uncommon' sight from her baby car. Therefore it was basically a little cry follow by a few mins of curious stares and then cry and then stare.....

Once we got home, I guess she could sense the 'homey' feeling and she started to cry out louder. Once we were in the living room, I picked her up and laid her down on my chest and within a few seconds, she was asleep!


Look at how peaceful she is :)
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Brief walk around the neighbourhood

The weather looked great outside today so it was a good opportunity to try out the baby car bought before Ena was born.

We're all set to go by 2pm. Tummy's full, fresh diaper... warm blanket...OK.


We spent a few minutes circling the carpark and off we go to the main road. Hey, not bad except that the height of the baby car is a little too low and I wasn't 100% comfortable pushing it. Well, looks like I can't adjust the height of the handle, so all I can do is to get used to it...

There's really nothing interesting/thrilling within walking distance that this neighbourhood can offer. We passed by houses - huge houses compare to those in Tokyo :) One under construction, can't wait till it's done.
by aliesalee | 2006-03-15 18:36 | 育児

A friend came back from Sweden

A friend, Yuko, came visiting yesterday and stay over for a night. We've known each other for about 7 years (during my sophomore year) but we almost never live near each other except for about 2-3 years when we were still in university. The interesting thing is that we do see each other once a year or if time didn't allow, we simply drop each other e-mails saying 'hi' but I guess it's the tiny tiny initiative that keeps our friendship alive !!

Yuko married Peter (who was an exchange program student in our university) in 2004 and moved to Sweden soon after their wedding ceremony. They have a really charming little princess who's almost 1 year and 3 months old named Chihiro (known as Felicia in Sweden). It's a pity that Yuko couldn't bring her along this time (daddy Peter takes care of Chihiro while Yuko is away) but I do hope to meet the whole family either in Sweden or Hokkaido one day.

Yuko came all the way here to stay with us for a night and it was really sweet of her to buy my little girl a pair of outfit (which will fit her in a year time). We talked just about everything that came to our mind and I truely enjoy our conversation!

It's really rare for friends to come visiting, or me visiting friends after moving to Kumamoto as I still don't have many friends here. Thanks a lot Yuko for visiting!!

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昼すぎに日本滞在ビザの更新をしに行き、その後Babies R Us に赤ちゃん用品を見に行った。全てが可愛いすぎる!一応これから一人でもムスメを連れて出かけられるようにちょっとしたお出かけグッズを購入!




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